Basic recommendation on how to bet on MMA fights

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is very popular among sports fans around the world. While the top athletes’ fights are gaining millions of views and the organizers of tournaments are doing great promotions, each bettor can also profit from the hobby.

What is the meaning of MMA?

MMA is a mixed martial art, as in this sport the use of both percussion and wrestling techniques is allowed. Strikes and wrestling are also combined in wushu, combat sambo, army hand-to-hand combat. The main difference between MMA and these sports is that you can use the techniques of various martial arts and combine them in any form. The main thing is not to go beyond the rules.

Betting options for MMA

Each bookmaker offers its own line of quotes for such stakes. For example, such types of bets are meant to be main:

  1. Bets on the winner. It’s about the win of some fighter in spite of the cause (early or by judge’s decision);
  2. Number of rounds held. The total line is higher, lower, or an exact number;
  3. The way to win. Specific odds are given for each sportsman. There are such available options in the line: regular or technical knockout, painful or submission hold, by judge’s decision.
  4. Victory in the round. Many bookmakers set up a bet on which round the match will end. Fights for the title involve 5 rounds, the others 3.
  5. Combined options. Here victory in a particular round is combined with its method (knockout or suffocation).

How to gamble on MMA

Unlike other team sports, MMA fights are held rarely. Tournaments have a pre-planned schedule. 

Bookmakers set a line of quotes a few weeks before the start of the tournament. Additional staking options appear before the start of the competition. The fights are held among both men and women.

Many European bookmakers accept online bets on MMA, most often this refers to the events of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So you need only to choose a bookmaker and register on his site. Then all betting offers will be available.

Composition of staking analytics

In order to make a good stake you need to follow these rules of pre-preparation:

  1. Analyse fighters’ statistics. Find thematic resources and look through the personal statistics of each athlete (a series of victories / defeats). Don’t forget about the weight category for the current year.
  2. Determine motivation. There is a favorite in every fight. In title ones, bookmakers rarely make mistakes and often greatly underestimate the odds of winning.
  3. Study fighters’ styles. The chances of victory highly depend on dominant fighting style. Here sportsmen are divided into two categories: drummers and wrestlers. For example, with a comparable level of skill, the advantage in the battle of the drummer against the wrestler will be on the side of the second one. This analysis will help you to predict a victory method (knockout or pain).
  4. Tournament format. Examine the rules of the upcoming tournament. Some things may fall under non-standard rules. For example, increased round time. Therefore, to bet on a full fight in a duel of this format will be risky. Follow the news. Top promotions are well covered in the media. Even the behavior of athletes at a press conference can show which of the athletes is more nervous before the fight.

To sum up: what is MMA gambling about?

MMA is an amazing and incredibly entertaining sport. Today it has turned into a whole business system. Now every fan can earn along with the promotions and athletes. However you have to be able to gamble correctly. Having previously studied all the offers of bookmakers and fighters’ indices, you can make a profitable bet. Enjoy, learn, bet and benefit.