Short review of MMA promotions to gamble on

As the popularity of MMA grows, the number and quality of its promotions has increased. It’s a mistake to believe that the MMA world is only measured by the UFC. There are lot’s of international organizations, which have made an indispensable contribution to development of this sport, making it one of the most discussed and loved. Let’s examine some of them, worth counting on while gambling.

ONE Championship

The organization is still considered to be a fresher in the MMA area, but despite this, One Championship has managed to gather a huge number of fans in a short time and become the most successful fighting promotion in Asia and neighboring regions.

They managed to crack the asian market thanks to plenty of issues. For example, the UFC never received the proper support there, so that not many fights were held. On the contrary, ONE arranges events throughout Asia at least once a month. 

One focuses on the traditional values of martial arts, in stark contrast to the Western model of the MMA business, where many competing organizations are built. Over time, the promotion is rapidly strengthening its position in the global MMA area, so you need to review its key strategies.


Today, Bellator is called the UFC’s main competitor: the organization has consistently held the second position in the rankings for several years.

Although Bellator’s candidate pool may not be as large and high by all existing standards as in the UFC, this does not mean that Bellator’s events are not worthy of attention. Bellator is a direct competitor to the UFC, so its level of matchmaking and advertising is growing exponentially.

Absolute Championship Akhmat (ACA, Absolute Championship Berkut)

ACA is a fast-paced league in Europe. In less than two seasons, the ACB League has caught up and overtaken many competitors, who have been working on the MMA stage for years. ACA is one of the most active promotions in the world; the league undertakes to hold at least 25 tournaments annually. Currently, most competitions are held in Russia.


Formerly known as the World Series of Fighting (WSOF), the League of Professional Fighters (PFL) is an incredibly unique and exciting MMA promotion with its own format.

PFL consists of seasons, in which each fighter in 6 weight categories has to fight twice with the opponent, trying to score more points. At the end of the season, the eight fighters reach the playoffs. There are a quarterfinal and a semifinal, which take place in one evening. Then the semi-final winners move on to fight for the title of world champion, the winner’s belt and 1 million dollars.

Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors is a British promotion, the home for many talented fighters such as Conor McGregor. It’s an ideal place to attract and develop young talents, a kind of safe place for young athletes until they gain world-known name and fame.

Cage Warriors and the UFC have a fairly close partnership. Their mutual events are broadcast on UFC Fight Pass. Many of the Cage fighters come over to the UFC as soon as they land on their feet and raise self-esteem in the MMA world.

The UFC monopoly: is it a hot topic?

Striking the balance, it should be mentioned that today there are many different MMA promotions, moreover, some of which have already become international and world famous. However formally the UFS retains its leadership, it cannot be denied that it has worthy competitors, who are already catching up. Luckily, now everyone has access to the Internet, therefore, bets on any championship can be placed out of its location. Staking on European and Asian championships is now profitable and fashionable, so you shouldn’t be afraid: just gamble and enjoy the result.