MMA bets: the way to earn effortlessly

hands of referee and MMA fighter after fight announcement ceremony of winner

Almost every sports fan goes nuts on MMA fighters. The bravery and strength applied to win at any cost spellbinds millions of people all around the world. Maybe that’s the reason why MMA betting has become more popular today. Let’s puzzle out step by step what kind of sport it is, what types of bets exist and how to bet on MMA.

The concept of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – is a school of contact martial arts, which is often and incorrectly called “Fights without rules”, although the rules, surely, exist. For example, bites, blows to the eyes and to the throat and other cruel receptions are forbidden.

MMA has historically come from Pankration, an ancient form of martial arts that combines punches and kicks as well as elements of wrestling. Now it involves the best athletes of different fighting styles and disciplines from all around the world. The term itself was introduced by Rick Bloom, president of Battlecade.

The UFC’s role in 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the largest mixed martial arts organization in the world. It performs the actual role of the main controlling body in MMA sports. Weapons are forbidden here, but it is allowed to use an infinite number of  techniques’  combinations from various martial arts, such as boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, etc.

The main MMA rules

Except for biting or sticking fingers, almost everything is allowed here, although this does not prevent the battles from being particularly bloody at times. As the use of protective gloves is optional and completely voluntary according to the rules, most fighters prefer not to wear them.

This sports discipline, as boxing, has different divisions depending on the weight of the participants. There are nine different weight categories in the UFC, two of them exclusively for women (they range from 115 to 265 pounds, where the 52 kilo’s one is the lightest female category (called  “strawweight” ) and the 120 kilo’s category is about the male weightlifters (called “heavyweight”).

Fights are divided into three rounds of five minutes each, or five rounds of five minutes, in case it is an additional fight, the main fight of the event or if the title of champion is at stake. Battles take place on the eight-square ring with a special  lattice. By the way, it’s considered among lot’s ag people that this is for a show, but in fact the grating serves as protection for athletes not to fall outside.

Common stakes’ classification

There are three main types of MMA betting:

  1. Winner of the battle: it is the simplest one. You just have to choose who can win the fight in your opinion. The winnings will depend on probability’s chances and odds.
  2. Fight duration: Here the bookmaker sets the average threshold for the match. It is usually about 2.5 rounds at a rough guess. Therefore, you can place a stake if you think the fight will end before or after the set time.
  3. Victory case: The aim is to gamble correctly on whether the victory will be achieved at the conclusion of the battle or by knockdown, in other words before the regulation time is out . This is probably the most difficult type of bet you can predict.

Tips for betting on MMA

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To make money on MMA gambling, you need to turn off emotions and turn on the coldness of your head. Don’t blindly rely on your favorite, on the contrary reasonably analyze the capabilities of each sportsman.

Here are some tips on how to increase the chances of winning on MMA bets.

  1. Examine  static analytics of fighters’ efficiency 

Except for gambling experience, it is important to be aware of recent battles and research the evolution of each athlete in advance. Everyone, even the best UFC fighters, has a specific weakness that the right opponent can detect.

  1. Don’t focus only on the statics

To examine previous fighter’s victories and losses is important, but it is more useful to consider his or her experience and skills.

  1. Pay attention to sportsmen’s skills

Some fighters are engaged in various martial arts, while the others major in only one of them. Analyze the power landscape, single out its benefits for everyone and specify what weaknesses it exposes.

  1. Find out the right-handed and the left-handed person

It is believed that if two fighters have the same striking skills, but one is right-handed and the other is left-handed, the last one will be the gainer in the position of the southpaw (right hand in front). The reason is that left-handed fighters are outmatched in relation to the right-handers, so the chances to face them are lower. When it happens, the left-handers’ manner of playing becomes  less predictable and they are found to be more uncomfortable for opponents in the game.

  1. Consider the psychological parameters of fighters

Such issues as weight loss before the fight or recent injuries are obligatory to know about, as well as the cardio metrics and endurance. You can also analyze the general athletes’ activity shown previously and their motivation to win in a determined fight.

  1. Mark the general circumstances of scheduled battle

For example, things like location and weather can affect fighters. It is important to be aware of how long ago the sportsmen were informed about the fight, because their attainment level may depend on it.

Summing up: is MMA worth gambling on?

Definitely, yes. MMA itself is a very mesmerizing sport, although quite brutal at first glance. Keeping eye on every fight, not to mention the meetings of super stars, is a real pleasure, because the constant intrigue and dynamism of what is happening does not leave anyone indifferent. So what could be better than watching your favorite game and making money on it? Having properly prepared in advance, you can make very profitable bets and muster a plus score.